a selection of extensions & alteration projects

  •  Property in Derbyshire Countryside village before alteration and extension 

  •  Same house with extensions and cladding complete with balcony to create contemporary property in a Derbyshire countryside village.

  •  extensions created focal entrance and modern balcony

  • Stunning transformation or house in Derbyshire village.  Brick built extension with boarded cladding coupled with steel and glass balcony.  Note large bespoke glazed feature on end.

  • Solid Oak memebrs cloaking a steel frame, polyester powder coated sliding doors, plain clay tile roof and vertical slate hanging to create a stylish but complimentary extension for a private client

  • Framed extension enabling large glazed areas using top quality materials. We were able to retain a rustic look to enhance the property with a contemporary structure

  • An extension retaining the cahracter of the building and surroundings allowing an open Kitchen, Dining and Living space with large glazed areas with integral blinds.  Coupled with the easy outdoor access to generous patio it gives total fl...

This is a selection of our projects.  We have completed many more.  If you want further ideas we would be delighted to provide further information. If you have your own ideas and want to discuss them, we are more than happy to help.


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